Hécatombes anormales d’animaux : bilan 2011 en attendant 2012

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Mortalités de masse 2011
Décembre 2011NOTE: During 2011 – 1.7 MILLION Cattle have died in Mexico. Link

NOTE: During November 2011 – Over 125 Whales Died in various countries … USA, Australia, UK, New Zealand, Guyana, China, Chile, India, Germany, Ghana.

Novembre 2011

30th November 2011 – 100 birds (starlings) found dead on a highway in North Carolina. Link
30th November 2011 – Up to 1000 Crows dead in India. Link
28th November 2011 – Large number of fish, frogs and snakes found dead in India. Link
27th November 2011 – Five Dolphins wash up dead in Mississippi. Link
27th November 2011 – 1000 Fish found dead at Beachmere in Australia. Link
26th November 2011 – Massive Fish Kill at Estero Bay in Florida. Link
23rd November 2011 – 77 Elephants found dead during past 3 months in Zimbabwe. Link
17th November 2011 – Fish Kill affecting two miles of a creek in Western Iowa in America. Link
17th November 2011 – **UPDATE** A total of 91 Whales dead during the past week in Australia and New Zealand. Link
16th November 2011 – 65 Pilot Whales die in New Zealand. Link
14th November 2011 – Thousands of Fish dead in River in Zhangjiang High-Tech Park in China. Link
13th November 2011 – 22 Sperm Whales Died on Beach in Australia. Link
12th November 2011 – Large number of dead fish wash ashore along Hamriya Port in Dubai. Link
11th November 2011 – Massive Fish Kill in Lake Poway in California. Link
8th November 2011 – Hundreds of Fish found dead in Changbanggang River in China. Link
5th November 2011 – Unusual number of Birds and Fish found dead in Guyana. Link
4th November 2011 – Thousands of tiny sea creatures litter a beach at Lyall Bay in New Zealand. Link
2nd November 2011 – MILLIONS of fish killed by « Red Tide » along Texas coast in America. Link

NOTE: During October 2011 – Over 30 Whales Died in various countries … USA, Australia, England, Alaska, South Africa, New Zealand.

Voir la suite jusqu’en novembre 2010:

25th December 2011 – 50 Birds found dead on Road and more falling out of sky in Montgomery County USA. Link
20th December 2011 – 400 Birds found dead in Davis County in USA. Link
20th December 2011 – 17,000 Chickens killed due to H5N1 virus in Hong Kong. Link
20th December 2011 – Mass death of Herring on the beaches in West Iceland. Link
20th December 2011 – Dozens (Possibly Hundreds) of Crows found dead in New Mexico USA. Link
19th December 2011 – 25 Ponies Found dead New South Wales in Australia. Link
18th December 2011 – Massive Fish Death in Australia. Link
17th December 2011 – 4,000 Crows have died during past 3 months in India. Link
NOTE: During 2011 – 600,000 Cows have died in Texas. Link
15th December 2011 – Thousands of Birds die from « crash landing » in Utah. Link
15th December 2011 – 1000 Chickens die in Nepal. Link
12th December 2011 – 300 Crows dead in India. Link
10th December 2011 – 10 Whales wash up dead on beaches in Corfu, Greece. Link
9th December 2011 – 300 Seals found dead on beach in Cape Town in South Africa. Link
6th December 2011 – 75 Seal Pups dead in England. Link
5th December 2011 – 30 TONNES of Fish found dead in India. Link
3rd December 2011 – Thousands of Fish found dead in a lake in Germany. Link

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